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The Bend Custom Homes "BUZZ" program is designed to enhance the exposure of your lot by adding another line of marketing and visual content. Our aggressive team of experts are constantly networking and creating energy for the lot investors that have been forgotten while the market continues to rise and circle around existing inventory only to give attention and catering to the buzz of new development. The following is a list to enhance your sale: 


1. You can keep your listing agent or if not listed you can choose to list with Jerri Martin

2. BCH places a sign on your lot

3. BCH provides designer rendition

4. BCH Broker markets lot with house plan

5. When a sale is made BCH pays off lot and Broker before the start of construction

6. BCH will take no fee if seller’s lot sells without a build order

7. BCH will only receive a fee when a build order is in place not paid by lot owner


The "BUZZ"

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